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We are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment to all employees as our success relies on a motivated workforce and to providing the best we can to our employees.
Our Company has implemented many programmes and activities and we have been registered under Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) compliance. SMETA is a compilation of best practices in the ethical audit. SMETA audits use the ETI Base Code and is founded on the conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) which is an internationally recognized code of labour practice. SMETA audits can be conducted against 2 or 4 auditing pillars but our Company is audited using the 4 pillars compliance. The two pillars mandatory for any SMETA audit are Labour Standards and Health & Safety. We have added 2 additional pillars to a 4-pillar audit to further deepen the social responsibility aspect of SMETA audits to include Environmental assessment (extended) and Business Ethics.

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In short, SMETA is one of the largest collaborative platforms in the world to help its members to take control of the information to do business in an increasingly transparent world. Our Company is subjected to be audited by an independent party on an annual basis. This gives assurance to our stakeholders that we respect Labour and Human Rights.
SMETA audit was conducted which included the Labour Standards that is to comply with local laws, Employment Act 1955, Employee Provident Fund, Social Security and other legal requirements concerning human rights.
Our company offers competitive compensation & fringe benefits to our staff and our Discrimination Policy, Sexual Harassment Policy and Business Code of Conduct is established for us to apply the fair practice in our organization.
These are some of the benefits we provide;
  • The working condition in our company is fully air-conditioned and production workers are seated.
  • All employees are fully trained before being assigned to any new engagements.
  • Subsequent training will be conducted for improvement to increase competency.
  • Opportunities will be opened to undergraduates for internship training.
  • All employees irrespective of permanent or temporary will be given an opportunity to participate in any sports events organized by our internal Sports Committee. This is to foster a closer relationship and get-to-know each other among all departments.
  • All our employees are covered under the Social Security Act (SOCSO) and also additional insurance coverage under our company’s Group Hospitalization & Surgical and Group Personal Accident Plans.


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Occupational Safety & Health

The safety and health of our employees is our company’s main priority. We continuously improve to provide a safe working environment to all employees and instilling awareness of safe work culture.
The company complies with the Occupational Safety & Health Act, 1994 (“OSHA”) for workplace safety & health requirements and maintains occupational safety and health standards that equal or exceed the best practices.
Our company has established a Safety, Health & Environmental Committee (“SHE Committee”), consisting of Committee Chairman, management and employee representatives, whose responsibility includes identifying hazards and unsafe work practices, removing obstacles to prevent accidents, and helping evaluate the company’s effort to achieve an accident-and-injury-free workplace.
Our company are carrying out the followings:
  • Identification of chemicals hazardous to health by conducting Chemical Health Risk Assessment (CHRA).
  • Complying with permissible exposure limits.
  • Taking action in Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control (HIRARC).
  • Labeling and relabelling chemicals hazardous to health.
  • Providing information, instructions and training,
  • Monitoring employee exposure and clean air at the place of work.
  • Conducting health surveillance and audiometric test recommended in CHRA.
  • Posting warning signage at chemical storage areas and work hazard areas.
  • Provide mechanical and physical safeguards wherever they are necessary.
  • Our 5S + Safety audit team will conduct routine cleanliness, safety and health inspections to find and eliminate unsafe working conditions and control health hazards.
  • Provide employees with necessary personal protective equipment and train them to use and care for it properly.
  • Strive to prevent an accident from happening and target zero-accident in our KPI.
  • Investigate accidents to determine the cause and prevent similar accidents.
  • Conducting Fire Drill twice a year.
  • Carry out maintenance on all fire-fighting equipment as per schedule.
We also have an in-house Emergency Response Team (ERT) who are ready to respond in emergency situations.
They are trained to provide the followings;
  • Safe and efficient evacuation of all personnel
  • First Aid
  • Responding to Chemical Spills
  • Fire-fighting training