washroom solutions

washroom solutions

We have more than 20 years of experience and technical know-how as an OEM/ODM partner for the Washroom Solutions industry.

We supply the following products to washrooms solution industry.

Air Care products,

Surface Care products,

Skin care products,

and various hygiene products.

Medical Devices

Our relentless dedication to continuously exceed customers’ expectations had earned us the trust of our customers worldwide as an OEM/ODM partner for the development and production of fully compliant medical devices.

Our internal Research & Development will design the medical devices for manufacturability.  Our products can be more precision-engineered for production to result in shorter lead times, tighter tolerances and more advanced specifications and prototypes.

With our accreditation of ISO13485 and ISO 9001, our manufactured products go through rigorous quality standards and development records before the products can be delivered to our customers. 

Equipped with Class 100k clean room facilities, we have the ability to produce stringent quality products.

Automotive Air Care

We design and supply Automotive Air Care products to major brands worldwide. 

Automotive Car Freshener

Blow Moulded Jerrycan

Our products are certified by United Nations for the transportation of Dangerous Goods (DG) Cargo by Australian Worksafe Authorities. 

Our customers are in :