breaking barriers

in precision engineering

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is not an option.

Aligned with our aspirations to provide a comprehensive and diversified portfolio of business offerings, we welcomed Keenness Precision Engineering Sdn Bhd to the family, to spearhead the Precision Tooling business segment. Supported by a leadership team with more than 25 years of technical experience in the industry, we are able to provide the highest quality standard in fulfilling a wide range of industries with cost-effective and shortened delivery lead time.


Years of

Our Synergistic Capabilities and Facilities

Our forte lies in our ability to churn out a wide range of machinery engineering solutions such as Wire Cutting, Super Drilling and CNC Milling. A core distinguishing factor that differentiates us from our competitiors is our hallmark of producing high precision engineering plastic material with remarkable precision tolerance. Focused on providing exceptional services to our clients, our portfolio also includes value-added offerings, including machining and surface finishing processes, according to our customers’ needs to faciliate ease of business.

As an industry leader, we are proud that our processes and procedures have been evaluated and awarded ISO 9001 certification, which echoes our consistent best-in-class execution and solutions.

Putting Customers First

We have always maintained an effective Quality Management System alongside a commitment to continuous process. improvements, cementing long-term and trusted business relationships with our customers. Through the years, we have been diligently serving our business partners, both local and foreign, in the semiconductor and EMS industry. We envisage that this pool of partners will be further entrenched as we progress forward.


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