Corporate Governance

Board Charter

The Board of Directors (“Board”) of RGT Berhad  (“RGTBHD” or “the Company”) is committed to ensure that good corporate governance is being practised by the Group in order to safeguard stakeholders’ interests as well as enhancing shareholders’ value.

External Auditor

The Audit Committee (“AC” or “Committee”) of RGT Berhad (“RGT” or “Company”) is assigned by the Board of Directors (“Board”) to assess, review and supervise the performance, suitability and independence of External Auditors.

The objective of this External Auditors Assessment Policy (“the Policy”) is to outline the guidelines and procedures for the AC to assess and review the External Auditors.

Code of Ethics

In the context of this code, a company director means any person who holds the position of director in a corporation irrespective of any designation used, including anyone who follows the directives and advice of a corporate director and who usually takes action, as well as an in-turn or substitute director. A director also includes both executive and non-executive directors as well as executive and non-executive

Whistleblowing Policy

RGT Group of Companies is committed to carrying out its business in accordance to the highest standards of professionalism, honesty, integrity and ethics.
The policy is: –

  • To help develop a culture of accountability and integrity within RGT Group of Companies.
  • To provide a safe and confidential avenue for all employees, external parties and other stakeholders to raise concerns about any poor or unacceptable practice or misconduct
  • To reassure whistleblowers that they will be protected from detrimental action or unfair treatment for disclosing concerns in good faith;
  • To deter misconduct and promote standards of good corporate practices.

Sustainability Policy

The Company is committed to building a sustainable business that delivers value for all stakeholders including employees, business partners and the wider community. In ensuring long-term sustainability of our businesses and the creation of greater public trust in our Company, the Board continually ensures that sound principles of sustainable governance are integrated into the work environments and business processes of our Group.

Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy

RGT Berhad Group of Companies (“RGTBHD Group” or “the Group”) is committed to conduct its business ethically by having procedures for the prevention, deterrence and detection of fraud, bribery and all other corrupt business practices by adopting this Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy (“Policy”).  The Group are legally obliged to have a zero-tolerance policy and will comply with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2009 and the new provision of Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2018 (“MACC ACT”) and any of its amendments from time to time.